The company is well-positioned to capitalize on the demographic tidal wave aiding the senior care industry.

  • Seniors are the fastest growing population in the world.
  • Affordable Care Act introducing seniors into the market who are better able to afford care.

Enter into favorable lease structures with proven, capable operators.

  • Triple net leases; lessee is typically obligated for all the expenses of the property including insurance, taxes and facility maintenance.
  • Annual rent escalators between 2 and 3%.
  • Unitary leases with multiple facility operators to protect potential underperforming sites.

Strategic combination of short- and long-term lease.

  • Short-term leases provide the opportunity to increase rent as the tenant-operator improves facility performance.
  • In more stable situations, longer term leases reduce risk and provide more predicable cash flow.



Select Acquisition Campaign

  • Targeting several acquisitions per year.
  • Given Global's size, a few accretive acquisitions will meaningful impact the company's overall cash flow profile.

Creative financing opportunities

  • Given the company overall modest leverage, additional property level debt is possible.
  • Equity-linked securities.
  • No cross collateral and limited corporate level debt exists given fragmented financing strategy.

Measurable Dividend Increases

  • Given the company's fixed, low corporate overhead, any acquisitions or rent increases will boost the company's cash flow and dividend capacity.
  • The company is committed to growing its dividend in concert with growth in its property portfolio and cash flow available for distribution.

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